Management Policy

As Doğa Şehircilik, we aim to act in accordance with both our employees and our stakeholders and the society we live in line with our management policy that we developed based on our values.

• Doğa Şehircilik creates projects by changing and renewing itself constantly with effective evaluations, implements them, utilizes the customer complaints positively for its development and change in line with the great importance it attaches to the suppliers, government agencies and community satisfaction.
• In terms of trained and qualified personnel, it always prefers to hire competent, dynamic, experienced, willing-to-work people with a high sense of responsibility, and keeps the quality of personnel training at the highest level by investing in its employees continuously.
• In order to prevent injuries and health problems against the potential risks such as fire, occupational accident, occupational disease by adhering to all laws, regulations and rules under the Occupational Health and Environmental Safety, it creates a healthy and safe work environment by taking measures accordingly.
• Since environment and social responsibility is an important requirement for Doğa Şehircilik, it follows the values and rules of the society when operating within the frame of its sector, pays attention to compliance with laws and regulations regarding the prevention of environmental pollution, promotion of waste recycling and re-use and nature protection, and acts with the sense of responsibility for the protection of ecological balance of the world we live in.
• In line with Corporate Business Principles, it performs its entire works in accordance with the internationally accepted principles. 

Best Regards,

Chairman of the Board

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