Our Social Responsibility Projects

Our Social Responsibility Projects

"Social Responsibility is Our Business Itself"

Regardless of your sector, being a leader means the ability to contribute to your country with no expectations. Doğa Şehircilik conducts "Social Responsibility" projects with the aim of furthering the society while giving impetus to its sector every day. Our aim in the social responsibility projects is to take a step for a better world. 
Here are our projects:

Historic Arsenal/TRABZON

Historic Arsenal was leased from the Special Administration within the frame of social responsibility and restored with the aim of contribution to tourism without changing the original architecture.

Deva Foundation Building/ISTANBUL

One of the main goals of Istanbul-based DEVA Foundation, which was founded in 2008 with the combined efforts of a group of volunteers, is to contribute to the upbringing of qualified personalities who are the building blocks of the society. 

Şekerpınar Mosque/GEBZE-KOCAELİ

Şekerpınar Mosque: It is located on an area of 8199 square meters allocated by Çayırova Municipality next to the Şekerpınar cemetery at the junction where E5 and E6 Highways intersect, with a capacity of 4000 people. It is designed by Master Architect Nermin ÖZKÖK and built by Doğa Şehircilik.

Historic House/TRABZON

Doğa Şehircilik which emphasizing the value that it gives to human life with a perfect quality approach it applies to the structures, continues to value the cities as they deserve by always producing something different with the attention paid to architecture and aesthetic structure. The historic house located in Trabzon is a structure that deserves this value.

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