Sales in the ‘Pruva 34’ project, implemented by Doğa Madencilik, one of the DOĞA Group companies, in Istanbul Bakırköy, continue with zero interest for 60 months.


In the project, which is planned to be delivered in June 2018, there are only 4+1 and 5+1 housing types in the blocks designed in accordance with the family concept. There are two flats on one floor in the terraced residence blocks, which are noted to all have sea views. Stating that they invested nearly 300 million dollars for the project, Doğa Madencilik Board Member Ömer Faruk Ayvacı said that the project was implemented on a land of 62 thousand 500 square meters. Bakırköy rising on the coastal road ‘Pruva 34’ Ayvacı stated that the project consists of a total of 10 blocks, including 7 residences, 2 hotels and 1 apart hotel., “There are a total of 239 flats in 7 blocks with 16 and 17 floors. We have 4+1 flats of 310 square meters and 5+1 flats of 363 square meters.” said.

Ayvacı, While drawing attention to the fact that apartment deeds were granted by obtaining tourism zoning in the region, Pruva 34 He stated that they gave housing title deeds for the project. Ayvacı, “Tourism title deed is also not a problem, but everything can change with a change in the law, so we did not prefer this. We are immediately issuing our house title deeds for the houses that will be delivered in June.” said. Nature Mining Board Member İlyas Ayvacı , “We sold one of the hotel blocks to Hilton, and our negotiations for the other are continuing.” said. In the apartment block of the project 168 home- office available.Prices start from 1 million 292 thousand lira.