Social Responsibility Projects

Our Social Responsibility Projects

“Social Responsibility is Our Job Itself.”

Whatever your industry is, being the leader is contributing to the country you are in without expecting a return. Doga Sehircilik, while accelerating the industry day by day, on the other hand runs social responsibility projects to carry the society further. In all the social responsibility projects we are a part of, our goal is to take a step towards a better world.

Here are our projects:

Historical Arsenal / TRABZON

In the scope of social responsibility project, Historical Arsenal was rented from Special Administration and without harming original architecture, was restored.

Deva Foundation Building / ISTANBUL

Deva Foundation is a foundation established in 2008 with the initiative of a group of volunteers. Center of the foundation is in İstanbulDeva Foundation considers contributing to emergence of “qualified” people as one of their main goals.

Sekerpinar Mosque / GEBZE – KOCAELI

Sekerpinar Mosque is a 4000 people capacity mosque planned by Cayirova Municipality in the intersection of E5 and E6, next to Sekerpinar Graveyard in 8199marea. Evaluated by Master Architect Nermin Ozkok, constructed by Doga Sehircilik.

Historical House / TRABZON

Doga Sehircilik with the understanding of flawless quality, continues to put the emphasis on the human life. By producing the difference by pointing architecture and importance given to the aesthetic structure out, always gives the value they deserve to cities. The historical house in Trabzon is another building that deserved this value.