About Us

Doga Sehircilik, being one of the strongest companies of the industry with an experience of five decades, is a company that has carried out projects that are only rivaled by each other. With their second-generation executives, Doga Sehircilik is working continuously with the aim of developing more dynamic and stronger projects. Doga Sehircilik, having proven the value attached to human life and nature with flawless quality approach in each project, aims to give the value to the world it deserves.

Doga Sehircilik, which brought historical buildings back alive with successful restoration projects, continues to carry the society it lives in further above with the social responsibility projects.

Message Of The President

We aimed to shed light on the sector with our experience of more than five decades in order to add value to the society we live in, to protect the environment and to always bring our country forward.

Towards our goal, we proceed by giving Doga Sehircilik assurance to many projects in many distinct fields.

Doga Sehircilik, with me, the Chairman of the Board, all my colleagues, and the second-generation executives, are working towards developing more dynamic and stronger projects at full speed.

We aim to give the world we live in the value it deserves by proving the value we give to human life and nature every time with flawless quality perception we apply in our projects. We will continue to add value to the society we live in by bringing back many historical buildings with successful restoration projects and taking part in social responsibility projects.

With respect

Chairman of the Board of Directors,