Here are the best office buildings in Istanbul Istanbul’s best office buildings were evaluated in line with user needs and criteria. According to the scoring system prepared by the website, the best office building in the European Side of Istanbul is Orijin Plaza-Maslak, The best office building on the Asian side of Istanbul AND-Kozyatağı happened.

The scoring system, which is prepared by taking into account the criteria determined according to the needs of the users, includes approximately 100 different criteria.
As a result of the scoring, the same score Orijin Plaza ve AND İstanbul’un en iyi ofis binaları oldular. Orjin Plaza large and efficient floor area, the highest parking capacity in Istanbul, single ownership, VIP elevator, and advanced in-building social areas. AND The building is also ahead of its competitors with features such as having the largest lobby area in Istanbul, LEED Platinum Certificate, high parking and elevator capacity, visitor and service vehicle parking. Orjinand AND’yi Levent 199-Levent, Torun Tower-Esentepe, Paladium Tower-Ataşehir, Allianz Tower-Kozyatağı, Ferko Signature-Levent, Nidakule Levent-Levent, River Plaza-Levent, Trump Tower-Mecidiyeköy ve Emaar Square-Göztepe projects followed.

The fact that 3 buildings in the list are located in Kozyatağı, Ataşehir and 1 building in Göztepe is an indication that the office districts on the Anatolian Side have become as important business centers as the European Side. In addition, the common feature of the buildings on the list is the development of social facilities and transportation facilities both within the building and in the immediate vicinity. This shows that users no longer see their offices as a building, but as a living space, and that companies have started to value employee satisfaction and loyalty more.

While scoring these buildings, OfficeReport includes location, infrastructure, productivity rate, technological facilities, workingaThe criteria taken into consideration included 100 different criteria such as social activity opportunities, fresh air capacity, heating and cooling systems, internet access, easy accessibility, parking, and the quality of the elevators used. Some of these criteria are listed in the table below:

Location of the Office Green Area/Garden Usage Areas
Building Age Large and High-Ceiling Lobby Area
Total Parking Capacity Waiting Area for Visitors in the Lobby
Number of Parking Lots Provided Free of Charge Generator Facility and Capacity
Gross/Net Area Ratio (Net Alan Verimliliği) Dual Energy Supply
Gross/Carpet Area Ratio (Carpet Area Efficiency) Earthquake Report
Heating, Cooling, Ventilation Systems Fiber Optic Internet Infrastructure
Natural Fresh Air Security Systems
Dining Hall Facilities and Capacity Ownership Structure
Visitor Parking Service Vehicle Park
Free Warehouse Space for Offices Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems
Nursery Facility Meeting Room Facilities in the Building or Nearby
Access to Public Transportation In-Building or Nearby Gym Facilities
Ease of Vehicle Entry and Exit from Main Roads In-Building or Nearby Cafeteria Facilities
Ready WC Facility in the Core Shopping Mall Opportunity in the Same Project or Nearby
Ready Kitchen Possibility in the Core In-building or nearby grocery store
Disabled Accessibility Hairdresser in the building or nearby
Floor Height Photographer in the building or nearby
Elevator Type and Capacity In-Building Car Wash Facility
VIP Elevator Facility In-Building or Nearby Tailor Facility
Whether it has a unique architectural design In-Building or Nearby Lostra Facility
Separate Cargo Room Notary Possibility Soon
Professional Building Management Green Building Certificate
Developer Experience Occupancy Rate
Tenant Mix Owner Decoration Contribution


  • Orjin Plaza- Maslak
  • AND- Kozyatağı
  • Levent 199– Levent
  • Torun Tower– Esentepe
  • Paladium Tower-Ataşehir
  • Allianz Tower-Kozyatağı
  • Ferko Signature-Levent
  • Nidakule Levent-Levent
  • River Plaza-Levent
  • Trump Tower-Mecidiyeköy
  • Emaar Square-Gözepe
  • Uniq Istanbul-Maslak
  • Maslak Link-Maslak
  • Vadi İstanbul-Kağıthane
  • Nidakule Göztepe-Göztepe
  • Kristal Kule-Levent
  • Büyükdere 195-Levent
  • Akkom Ofis Park-Ümraniye
  • Sun Plaza-Maslak
  • Tekfen Tower-Levent