Akyapı has started to collect pre-demand for Limonlu Bahçe Konakları, which has an investment size of 850 million lira.

The project, consisting of a total of 509 apartments and 148    commercial areas on   Alemdağ Street  Ümraniye will be delivered in 2024.

Having left behind 23 years in the real estate sector, Akyapı has started to collect pre-demand for Limonlu Bahçe Konakları with an investment size of 850 million liras, which is the first link of the 1.7 billion lira investment attack. Limonlu Bahçe Konakları, located on Alemdağ Street in Ümraniye Yamanevler, one of the important districts of the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, is a mixed project consisting of residential and commercial areas. Consisting of a total of 509 apartments in 15 blocks, the project also includes 148 commercial areas. In the project prepared in the family concept, 36 different types of apartments are offered in 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 options. In the project designed by Evrenol Architecture, square meter prices start from 17 thousand 200 liras. Payment plans are offered as bank loans or maturity within Akyapı depending on the wishes of the customers. Limonlu Bahçe Konakları, where there is a lemon greenhouse named after the project in the landscape area, has wide facilities. At the exit of the project, which attracts attention with being next to the National Garden, there is the Yamanevler stop of the M5 ÜsküdarÇekmeköy subway. The bazaar within the project aims to meet all needs.

Hüseyin Dinçel, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Akyapı, said that pre-demand sales have started in the project. Dinçel stated that although the square meter prices in the project are attractive compared to the average of the region, they offer their customers a significant advantage in the pre-sale period, “We have collected a 25 percent pre-sale demand so far. We think that our sales will continue with the same interest and the demand will continue to increase. We plan to deliver our project in December 2024. We have started our construction program to complete it on the promised date.”

Hüseyin Dinçel stated that the project was built on the land of Netaş, an old technology factory, and gave the following information: “We have started the demolition of the old buildings of the factory and then we will see Limonlu Bahçe Konakları rise. Our project, with a total land area of 51 thousand 970 square meters and a total construction area of 191 thousand 860 square meters, consists of a total of 509 apartments and 148 street stores in 15 blocks. Our blocks vary between 6 floors and 8 floors and feature horizontal architecture. In our project, we have designed spacious apartments with mansion-style high ceilings of net 3.10 meters. In branded housing projects, this height is 2.70-2.80 meters on average.”


AKYAPI President Mahmut Asmalı stated that they have completed over 3 million square meters of construction so far, and that they will increase this figure to 3.5 million square meters within 2 years, and that they are currently actively continuing the construction of 551 thousand square meters of construction, including 1,879 residences, 147 villas and 309 street stores. Stating that they declared 2021 as the year of investment, Mahmut Asmalı said, “By showing an example of courage and playing a pioneering role in the sector, we took action for 3 projects consisting of different concepts such as housing, villas and industry with an investment cost of 1 billion 750 million liras. Our projects are located in Ümraniye, Büyükçekmece and Arnavutköy, the star regions of Istanbul in terms of real estate and construction. Our first project will be Limonlu Bahçe Konakları, while our second project will be a villa project in Büyükçekmece. Thirdly, we are developing an industrial project for coating manufacturers in Hadımköy.”


Tablo Adalar, the new project of VAKIF Real Estate Investment Trust (GYO) in Maltepe district of Istanbul, has been put on sale. The project, which stands out with its Marmara Sea and Islands view starting from the garden floor, consists of 316 residences on a total land area of 15 thousand 264 square meters. The main contractor of the project, whose architectural design and applications are signed by Tabanlıoğlu Architecture, is Rönesans REC International Construction. Tablo Adalar rises in the immediate vicinity of E-5 and Kadıköy- Tavşantepe Metro Line with its wide balconies, large landscape area and rich social facilities, as well as housing types ranging from 1+1 to 5+2.

Onur İncehasan, General Manager of Vakıf REIT, stated that the Tablo Adalar project, which they plan to deliver in December 2023, is located in Maltepe Zümrütevler, in the center of the Anatolian Side, and said, “Tablo Adalar has a great potential not only with its unique view, but also in terms of ease of transportation and investment value.” Onur İncehasan stated that Vakıf REIT is taking firm steps towards realizing its sustainable growth strategy with its solid corporate structure and said, “We are planning 2022 as a leap year for our company. In terms of our capital structure, we are a safe harbor that is very suitable for our potential investors to invest.”


Underlining that after the Cubes Ankara project, which they heralded in Ankara in October this year, they are now offering their new investment, Tablo Adalar, for sale in Istanbul, İncehasan said, “We pay attention to three things when developing new projects. The first is to add value to the region, the second is to ensure the safety of the city and our customers.To respond to their needs and, thirdly, and most importantly, to contribute to both economic and environmental sustainability. In this sense, I can already say that our Tablo Islands investment will be an exemplary project that adds economic and vital value to Istanbul,” he said.


Dreams once again became reality in IHLAS Construction Group’s brand projects Bizim Evler Güzelce, Bizim Evler 8 and Marmara Evleri 4. Families who moved to their new sites and apartments where life began experienced great joy. İhlas Construction Group, which left its mark on Ispartakule with its ‘Bizim Evler’ brand and completed its 8th project here, became the only company and brand in Turkey that implemented so many projects in the same location. The company also completed the Bizim Evler Güzelce project in Büyükçekmece, fronting the E5 Highway and adjacent to the Marmara Sea, while in Beylikdüzü it signed the ‘Marmara Houses’ series, which previously had more than 5 thousand flats, and the newest site of the series, Marmara Houses 4, is in the same region. He also started life.

There are 44 shops and 640 residences in MARMARA Houses 4. The flat sizes in the project vary between 126 and 204 square meters. Bizim Evler Güzelce, which stands out as the largest project in Büyükçekmece, consists of 709 residences and 111 commercial units. Bizim Evler 8 in Ispartakule has 236 flats and 29 street stores in two blocks. İhlas Construction Group is expected to start Bizim Evler 9 and Bizim Evler 10 projects in Ispartakule soon.