Management Policy

As Doga Sehircilik, we aimed to move suitably to our stakeholders and the society we live in via the management policy we created with accordance to our values.

Towards that direction,

  • As Doga Sehircilik, towards the great importance we give to our suppliers, formal institutions, and satisfaction of society, create projects with effective reevaluations, constant change, and renovations. We consider customer feedback as a positive assistance in these changes.
  • We always work with dynamic, qualified, and responsible employees. Investing in the education of our employees is a top priority for Doga Sehircilik.
  • To prevent any possible incidents, we stay conformant towards all the workspace health and safety regulations and provide a healthy and safe working environment.
  • As environment and social responsibility is an important necessity for Doga Sehircilik, while performing in the frame of our industry, care about values of the society we live in, obey to the laws and regulations about prevention of environmental pollution, recycling and reusing of the waste, and protection of nature.
  • As Doga Sehircilik we operate all acts under internationally accepted norms and principles.

With respect

Chairman of the Board of Directors