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Doğa Holding | Doğa Plaza

It will more than meet the basic needs of business life.

Istanbul, one of the most vibrant cities in the world, is also a business center. Rising in Kıraç, one of the developing regions of Istanbul, with the assurance of Doğa Şehircilik, Doğa Plaza was designed with the aim of giving a new impetus to the business environment.

Doğa Plaza, where employees will feel privileged, set out with the dream of leading business centers in Kıraç. The project, initiated with the quality approach of Doğa Şehircilik, brought a new perspective to the area where it is located. With this project, which meets more than the basic needs of business life, commuting to work becomes a pleasure.

Doğa Plaza, built on an area of 18.609 m2, is used by different companies. Doğa Plaza, where large banks and companies are tenants, reveals the changing face of the Kıraç region.

  • Project Name ​
    Doğa Plaza
  • Location
    Beylikdüzü / İstanbul
  • Construction Area
    18.609 m²
  • Rentable Area
    9.197 m²
  • Floor Areas (m2)
    Between 2.460 m² - 4.032 m²
  • Architect
    Nermin ÖZKÖK

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