“Shopping All Along the Street”

Doga Cadde Shopping Center, built by one of Doga Group subsidiaries KAYS YAPI INC., has been served to use of residents of Malatya.

New face of shopping Doga Cadde Shopping Center was brought alive in February 2016 in street shopping center concept to provide Malatya, one of the leading growing cities in turkey with urban planning studies to be taken as example, urban transformation projects and substructure upgrades with 772,000 residents, a shopping all along the street experience.

Doga Cadde Shopping Center established on 40,000 mis designed to provide access to many different brands together and easily. Open parking space with capacity up to 900 vehicles is designed for the comfort of the visitors.

Doga Cadde Shopping Center, with Doga Group signature, adds value to Malatya. National brands such as Bimeks, CarrefourSA, Yatas Bedding, Isbir Yatak, Kasmir Halı, Madame Coco, Sportive, Viar Tekstil, Zuhre Giyim, Armine, Tekbir Giyim, Mavi, Vestel, Watsons, Toyzzshop, Flo, Collins, Ramsey, Kip, Sari Dunya Kaysi, Gloria Jean Cafe, Seyidoglu Baklava, Doga Bufe took their places in Doga Cadde Shopping Center.

Administration Office Communication: 0422 323 85 95

Location : Battalgazi / Malatya
Area : 40.175,95 m²
Construction Area : 24.500 m²
Rentable Area : 20.873 m²
Architect : Nermin Ozkok (Master Architect)
Project Address :

Sifa Mh., Inonü Cd. No:144

Battalgazi / Malatya

Project Detail : Project consists of 62 independent parts and has an outside parking space with 900 vehicles capacity.