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Doğa Holding | Doğa Ünbay Houses

Lots of green, lots of nature, lots of peace…

The location of each villa in Ünbay Doğa Evleri has been specially determined. It was planned to live in luxury and comfort in harmony with nature, right in the middle of oak trees.

Ünbay Doğa Evleri is located in the most valuable area of Sapanca, in a location where you can embrace peace and nature with your family, away from the chaos of the city, while being within easy reach of social living areas and the city center, ensuring that you do not miss life.

It includes Lush Green Gardens, Indoor and Outdoor Pools, Hotel, Cafe-Restaurant, Spa-Fitness, Market, Sports Fields, Children’s Playgrounds, Electric Vehicle Charging Units.

There are different options for the whole family at Ünbay Doğa Evleri, where you will live a 4-Season holiday-like life with indoor and outdoor pools, Spa-Fitness facilities.

Your time is valuable, everything has been taken into consideration for you to live your best life.

Right in the heart of nature, Ünbay Nature Houses has an environment where you can benefit from the opportunities of nature in all 4 seasons. With its attractive nature that puts all the beauties of nature under your feet, Sapanca Lake fascinates with its view every month of the year and invites you to peace.


  • Project Name
  • Location
    Sapanca / Sakarya
  • Construction Area (m2)
    35.000 m²
  • Residential Area
    Net 267,23 m² - 79,24 m²
    in the range
  • Konut Adedi
  • Housing Type
    4+1 Villa
    3+1 Vİlla
    2+1 Apartment

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